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Re: SMTP traffic control

2011-10-28 19:26:05

Carl S. Gutekunst wrote:

Steve Atkins wrote:
It would be nice if the server could say "give me a minute to get my stuff together and come back", have the client retry in 60 seconds and get the mail accepted for delivery - with a delay of a minute or so, rather than a delay of 30 minutes. The server gets to shed load, the client gets to dump a message out of it's queue and the human correspondents see fast, in-order mail delivery rather than slow, out-of-order delivery.

That's the end-user visible part of the thought behind anyway.

I'd support that proposal. I might even implement it.

Unfortunately, the dominant conversation seems to be around an SMTP response that only applies to greylisting. I'd never use that or support it, it's such a teeny-tiny corner case, especially in the B-to-B world where I live.

Does this suggests that your B2B market is oblivious to the outside world remote server behaviors employing 4yz temporary rejections?

Keep in mind, whether its that or this proposal, implementing a structure "wait=" or "retry=" time delay syntax inherently means two things:


Common to all proposals, leveraging the server suggested delay in retries.


Common to all proposals, adding logic to monitor, track the original 4yz restricted client so that it does not violate the wait/retry= delay or blocking time.

That my friend, for lack of a better term, is called a "Greylisting" methodology in contemporary times.

Even is the issue of putting all this under a different, more appeasing IETF quality terminology, you still need to (re)design the same "Greylisting" ideas.


Hector Santos

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