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Re: SMTP traffic control

2011-10-28 16:00:53

Steve Atkins wrote:
It would be nice if the server could say "give me a minute to get my stuff together 
and come back", have the client retry in 60 seconds and get the mail accepted for 
delivery - with a delay of a minute or so, rather than a delay of 30 minutes. The server 
gets to shed load, the client gets to dump a message out of it's queue and the human 
correspondents see fast, in-order mail delivery rather than slow, out-of-order delivery.

That's the end-user visible part of the thought behind anyway.

I'd support that proposal. I might even implement it.

Unfortunately, the dominant conversation seems to be around an SMTP response that only applies to greylisting. I'd never use that or support it, it's such a teeny-tiny corner case, especially in the B-to-B world where I live.


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