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Server Enforcement of Time Blocks (wait=)

2011-10-28 21:23:31

Steve Atkins wrote:

My point is if like Atkins proposal and might implement it, once you do, you will be behaving like a Greylisted server.

That's simply not true. Please stop stating that.

Are you saying your proposal offer a server issuing of a "wait=" time with no server tracking and enforcement?

Its not be meant to be a negative and it doesn't help with ongoing attempts to create division.

Any proposal that includes a "time delay" for a client to use, and more importantly the server will enforce, is 100% *behaving* (keyword) like a Greylisting Server model. I can't see how you can avoid it. The client is doing this blinding. If it encounters a server with this "wait=" in a 4yz response, its going to have the same MTA software rescheduling code for supporting any other kind a "retry=" or parsing of the informal existing greylisting servers with their time hints.

So unless the proposal is not offering server enforcement, it is very much a Greylisting Model.


Hector Santos

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