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Re: Server Enforcement of Time Blocks (wait=)

2011-10-29 12:30:49
On 2011-10-29 04:14:45 -0400, Hector Santos wrote:
Peter J. Holzer wrote:
On 2011-10-28 23:33:09 -0400, Hector Santos wrote:
But I am sure there would be a concern with a no enforcement model in 
 the open market since the tendency will be "why bother?" Even within 
the Honor System, good intention clients who feel they must get a 
message delivered, or simply has no incentive to bother with code 
changes, will cross their fingers and just retry again. After all, 
the new please "wait=" idea is for the *other guy" and not them.

For good guys the reason to bother is that they will usually get the
mail through *faster*, because the wait time announced by the server is
*less* than their usual retry time.

I agree if there would be a cost awareness factor associated with known 
policed controls. I don't see that when there isn't any server  
enforcement. Remember, in this alternative model where there is no  
regulation controls on the "wait=" time.  Its an honor system control.  

There is no need to "police" or "enforce" the delay. The server is
currently not ready to accept the mail (because of greylisting, high
load, planned downtime, or whatever) and provides a best guess when it
will be ready. If we assume that the guess is accurate (in case of
greylisting it probably is very accurate, in case of high load not so
much), then a client which retries early will find that the server is
still not ready and has to retry again. 

Also consider that at least initially almost all clients will ignore the
hint simply because they don't understand it. "Punishing" them for
malicious behaviour is counter-productive.


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