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Re: SMTP traffic control

2011-10-28 20:24:01

On Oct 28, 2011, at 5:42 PM, Hector Santos wrote:

Carl S. Gutekunst wrote:
Hector Santos wrote:
Unfortunately, the dominant conversation seems to be around an SMTP 
response that only applies to greylisting. I'd never use that or support 
it, it's such a teeny-tiny corner case, especially in the B-to-B world 
where I live.

Does this suggests that your B2B market is oblivious to the outside world 
remote server behaviors employing 4yz temporary rejections?
They're highly conscious of 4xx temporary rejections associated with 
resource exhaustion and down systems. But in 20 years of supporting B-to-B 
E-mail, I can only remember one issue with someone else's greylisting -- and 
that was because it was broken.

Ok, and we should|must all respect that.  Nevertheless, its not the case for 
all though, nor should it be reason for not considering this.  It just means 
it doesn't apply to your market area.

My point is if like Atkins proposal and might implement it, once you do, you 
will be behaving like a Greylisted server.

That's simply not true. Please stop stating that.