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Re: SMTP traffic control

2011-10-29 12:37:46
On 2011-10-24 15:24:49 +0100, Paul Smith wrote:
(Of course we have bigger 'pain points' - the '10 errors and we'll drop  
you' is the worst:
rcpt to:<invalid(_dot_)address(_at_)bad(_dot_)domain(_dot_)com>
4yz invalid recipient
rcpt to:<another(_dot_)address(_at_)another(_dot_)bad.domain>
4yz invalid recipient
... 8 more times
4yz too many syntax errors, connection dropped

"Invalid recipient" should be a 5xx error, or do you expect that these
addresses will be created within the next few days?

(now a message in the outbound queue which will never go)
but that's off topic)

If "invalid recipient" is a 5xx error, the sender will omit the already
rejected recipients on the next delivery attempt. Eventually all invalid
recipients will be removed and - if any valid recipients are left - the
message will be delivered. (And frankly, anybody who sends a message to
tens of non-existent addresses deserves a bit of pain)


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