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Re: FW: I-D Action: draft-kucherawy-received-state-00.txt

2012-01-11 10:28:39

Dave CROCKER <dhc(_at_)dcrocker(_dot_)net> wrote:
On 1/10/2012 9:26 AM, John Levine wrote:

Well, yeah, but there are a lot of kind of states other than queueing
states.  That's why I'd suggest a keyword that tells you this is about
queues or delays or something.

This puts the specific semantic into the definition of the clause, rather than
the value used in the clause.

Just like the other Received: header clauses.

The problem with this is lack of flexibility.

Which is why the Received: header can be extended with other clauses for
other purposes. We don't need multiple layers of genericity here.

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