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Re: MUA support for multiple from addresses

2012-02-27 16:50:45

On Feb 27, 2012, at 10:35 AM, Peter Bowen wrote:

Mails are allowed to have multiple addresses in the from header as
long as they also have a sender header.  However, in basic testing, I
have yet to find a MUA that even displays multiple entries for from.
Has anyone seen such a user agent? on OS X displays multiple From: addresses correctly, highlights
them as separate addresses with separate context menus correctly.

Reply and Reply All respond to just the first of the From: addresses,
while Reply to Sender replies to both of them.

So it seems to work fine, though given I don't really understand the
intended semantics I'm not sure if they match that.

Functionally, should multiple from
addresses be considered a deprecated feature?

I'm a bit vague on what their intended use is/was.