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Re: MUA support for multiple from addresses

2012-02-27 18:45:58

In message <0C362250-14EA-40E8-A3DC-81D29E5D15C7(_at_)blighty(_dot_)com>, Steve 
Atkins writ

On Feb 27, 2012, at 10:35 AM, Peter Bowen wrote:

Mails are allowed to have multiple addresses in the from header as
long as they also have a sender header.  However, in basic testing, I
have yet to find a MUA that even displays multiple entries for from.
Has anyone seen such a user agent? on OS X displays multiple From: addresses correctly, highlights
them as separate addresses with separate context menus correctly.

Reply and Reply All respond to just the first of the From: addresses,
while Reply to Sender replies to both of them.

So it seems to work fine, though given I don't really understand the
intended semantics I'm not sure if they match that.

Functionally, should multiple from
addresses be considered a deprecated feature?

I'm a bit vague on what their intended use is/was.


Well with paper mail you can have mail from multiple people.  Someone
has to physically post it, but it can have multiple signatures.
There should be no reason for email to not support it.  Note SMTP
doesn't need to support it.

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