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[ietf-smtp] offline mode, was Re: [imapext] Fwd: Request to form a new WG: JMAP

2016-11-15 06:10:32
Is everyone here using the term "offline mode" to mean the same thing?

RFC 1733 defines "offline mode" to mean POP3-style delete-from-server.
"Disconnected mode" is the term for a client that has a local cache
or mirror of what is on the server.

Approxomately no-one wants RFC 1733 offline mode. (Bah, the number of
times I have had to recover mail for someone who accidentally pointed an
offline-mode client at their account.)

How much do the necessary protocol features differ between a full-fat
disconnected mode client (a mirror on the client of the entire
account on the server) vs a poorly-connected mobile client which needs to
sync a smaller window on the account? Concurrent access to multiple
mailboxes? what else?

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