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Re: I-D submission tool draft

2004-09-13 07:48:42
Thanks for the comments, Scott.

   I'm replying in a separate mail, to you and to the tools-discuss
mailing list.


scott bradner wrote:
this looks pretty good but a few comments

this seems to have taken the approach of taking a fully formed ID text
and trying to parse and check it, not an unreasonable approach but was
the alternative of having the submitter fill in some or all of the meta
data on a submission form (authors names & contacts, filename,
boilerplate options etc) considered?

I think that this process is missing a chance to deal with one of the
confusions about the IETF's process - if the submission process included
a click-through agreement covering the IPR (copyright & patent
disclosure) requirements it would eliminate any possibility for the
submitter to claim that they did not know or for the submitter to say
that some other text in the document negates the boilerplate - this is a
proposal that has come up a few times over the last few years, if we
create a tool for people to use to submit IDs it would seem to be a good
time to implement such a process

I will say that I'm not fond of the idea of requiring that WG chairs
pre-approve the submission of -00 WG IDs, as a WG chair I'd rather be
able to enforce me getting a chance to review the document first - I'm
fine with letting a WG chair be able to pre approve but I do not think
it should be the only way that the process should be able to work


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