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RE: Vancouver schedule

2005-11-10 07:17:43
Actually I prefer this schedule because it does not call me for a night
session after dinner, and I suspect that many people coming from
European time zones may feel the same. As Ole points out, availability
of coffee during the afternoon sessions would help us make it easier
through the long afternoon meeting period. 



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Am I the only one dissatisfied with the meeting schedule?  I 
find that the run of meetings from 1300 to 1930 is just too 
long, especially the four hour period from 1300 - 1710.  I 
would strongly prefer our 'traditional' 
schedule over the current one.

Even if I can't know which continent I'll be meeting in, it 
would be nice to know that the daily schedule is one I can 
live with.  ;)


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