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Re: RFCs should be distributed in XML (Was: Faux Pas -- web publication in proprietary formats at

2005-11-15 09:29:47
"Steven M. Bellovin" <smb(_at_)cs(_dot_)columbia(_dot_)edu> writes:

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Fenner writes:
On 11/14/05, Stewart Bryant <stbryant(_at_)cisco(_dot_)com> wrote:
I would not mind swapping from to an XML package
provided it supported change-tracking, embedded comments,
highlighting, WYSWYG display, edit time spell and edit time
grammer checking, and was a simple to install and maintain
on XP.

Is there such a package?

My xxe plugin,, provides
a few of the features:
- embedded comments (with <cref>)
- WYSIKLWYG (What you see is kinda like what you get) display
- Edit time spell check

It's based on the XMLMind XML Editor, which is an excellent
cross-platform java-based XML editor, which is not open-source but has
a free "Standard Edition" and an excellent "Professional Edition".  My
plugin works fine with both, but certain features such as PDF output
are limited to the Professional Edition.

I've been pondering change tracking, in the context of copy-editing,
but I haven't come up with a complete thought yet.

CVS?  Should the Secretariat make CVS archives available to WG 
document editors?  I've written a book and many joint papers via CVS; 
it works very well for line-oriented ASCII input, whether XML, LaTeX, 
nroff, or what have you.

I think CVS would be an excellent idea for this.  The IESG evaluation
record in the I-D tracker attempt to do some history management.  A
changed IESG votes is marked with a '.' for the old vote.  History for
other things are not recorded, e.g., earlier drafts of the approval
e-mail.  Being able to access how these evolve can be useful for


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