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Re: Diagrams (Was RFCs should be distributed in XML)

2005-11-14 10:28:01
     I understand the
difficulty of machine parsing, but wouldn't an XML format with human
oriented output in PDF be nice?  (I suppose I'm asking whether
there's some historical flamewar over this that I managed never to
look at, in which case I'll just keep my mouth shut.)

There is. Lets not reopen the format flame war. However,
just for the record we DO have .pdf as a format that you
can submit Internet Drafts and as something that you
also get from the RFC Editor.

Folks might want to take a look at the latest xml2rfc capabilities. See <>. Besides making it far easier to include the correct boilerplate, it has the option of including pretty graphics for the PDF version, while using the ASCII form for the ASCII version.

This seems like a rather good transition mechanism, to see whether we really want/need to move away from ASCII. (After all, the dual-stack model for transition is a time-honored methodology...)


Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking

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