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Re: RFCs should be distributed in XML (Was: Faux Pas -- web publication in proprietary formats at

2005-11-08 07:27:02
On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 08:36:55AM -0500,
 Andrew Newton <andy(_at_)hxr(_dot_)us> wrote 
 a message of 14 lines which said:

My guess 

You mean there is nowhere an official statement and we have to guess?

is that it is not a trivial matter to convert RFCs submitted in
other forms into 2629 xml format.

OK for the existing stuff but why not for the future, such as
"Starting 1 Jan 2007, every RFC submission must be done in 2629"?

there are many people desiring some of the word processor features
(track changes, etc...) that are just not found in the xml authoring

Well, you certainly know that XML is a format, not a program :-) So,
at least in theory, you could use OpenOffice and still producing 2629
(providing someone wrote a XSL transformation from OpenDocument to
2629). Not obvious, I know, but a possible path.

For the specific feature you mention, I use version control system
with XML, I do not see the problem. Tools like Subversion even allow
you to specify an external diff so you can use a XML-aware diff to see
the changes.

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