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Re: Audio streaming and slides suggestion

2005-11-15 13:06:04
I may have misunderstood the discussion to this point, but I thought what was being discussed was the idea that IFF you were planning to give a powerpoint presentation (and, not coincidentally, give a verbal presentation that makes no sense without slides for context), you have to hand over the slides first, so that remote participants had a prayer of actually participating remotely.

I like that suggestion. I agree with Geoff that requiring powerpoint in order to occupy WG meeting space and time is not a good thing.


I appreciate that powerpoint does enable complex concepts to be conveyed with some ease, and that it (and its functional equivalants) is in heavy use these days, but I would be very worried if we get to a state that Jordi appears to be advocating where a) powerpoint is a mandatory precondition for presenting at a WG meeting and b) you must present according to a previously deposited and circulated powerpoint script. We all do our best in terms of priorities, schedules and network stability to get this material up prior to a WG session, and sometimes it all works, and sometimes, despite our best of intentions, it does not.


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