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Re: XML2RFC submission (was Re: ASCII art)

2005-11-24 10:20:43
On 11/24/05, Steven M. Bellovin <smb(_at_)cs(_dot_)columbia(_dot_)edu> wrote:
If we adopt some new format, though, I think we
really need the ability to generate diffs of different versions of the
same document.

The solution that comes to mind for diffs is to format the old version
(to text), format the new version, and use the existing tools
(htmlwdiff, rfcdiff, or others).  There's no sensible way to do a diff
of a graphic so I think diffing the text form is sensible.

If it's to be the input of wdiff, it's be feasible to create an XSL
transform that generates text (it's tough to wrap to 72 columns and
add headers and footers in XSL, but wdiff would (might) make that
unimportant), so that diff generation isn't reliant on an installed
xml2rfc.  I have a transform that I wrote when I was first learning
xsl that translates to nroff -- not particularly useful in this
context but a proof of concept for going to some textual form.

(FOP's txt renderer looks attractive, except that it gets the spacing
wrong - I just tried it with Julian's FO scripts and got

                     The three-stageIETF standardizationprocessisdescribed inBCP
  9,RFC  2026  [RFC2026].  Inbrief,thethree
                     stagesofInternetstandardizationareProposed (which requiresa
 wellwritten,openly reviewed specification),
                     Draft(which requiresProposed status,multipleimplementations
 and some operationalexperience),and full
                     InterneStandard (which requiresDraft statuand more  extensi
                     increasedrequirements,originallydocumented  inRFC  1264  [R
FC1264], have been appliedto protocols
                     produced withinthe Routing Area.


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