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RE: Nomcom process realities of "confidentiality"

2008-03-20 07:44:24

The random selection process coupled with the relatively small number 
of volunteers is an interesting factor in all of this. I have been
selected 3 times (albeit the second time it all fell apart in The 
Giant Reset of 2006 :-) and volunteered probably 10 or 15 times.

It's either hard to get on the nomcom or easy, depending on your point
of view.


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On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, Eric Gray wrote:


      As a clarification, the NomCom is a small crucible of 
specially-empowered volunteers.  The fact that one has to be
a volunteer explicitly makes it the case that self-selection
is a factor in at least the initial phase.

      Hence it is very much the case that people who feel 
excessively unqualified may elect not to volunteer.  

      Also, it is the case that the processes within NomCom
are very open to sharing experience within the self-selected
group of people who probably felt capable of making personnel
selection decisions before volunteering.

Eric Gray
Principal Engineer

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