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Re: Nomcom process realities of "confidentiality"

2008-03-20 12:56:20
At 10:11 19-03-2008, Dave Crocker wrote:
The current discussion about Nomcom activities has been sufficiently
professional and constructive in tone to prompt me to raise a particularly
delicate point:

    Just how realistic is our belief in confidentiality for the process?

Restricting what information the nominating committee can share might 
make their work more difficult as they won't be able to use their 
discretion to determine which information can be used in their testimony.

Let me suggest that we at least discuss a model that begins by allowing
everything to be open, and then imposes restrictions only when there is

The process starts with a roll of a dice.  That's as scientific as it 
can get.  From there on, subjective decisions are made as human 
factors have to be considered.  We rely on the integrity of the 
nominating committee and the confirming body to make the right choice.

This process is both about hiring and governance.  We can have an 
open model to show that the process is fair.  That doesn't guarantee 
that the outcome will be to everyone's satisfaction or that the work 
will get done.

At 08:15 20-03-2008, Eric Rosen wrote:
Nomcom is  a group  of people randomly  selected from  among a set  of folks
whose only qualifications  are that they want to be on  nomcom and they like
traveling to meetings.

The nominating committee is the IETF's version of a democracy (sortition).


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