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Re: Nomcom process realities of "confidentiality"

2008-03-21 11:35:56
Wrenching this thread back to match the subject line .....

Having just gone through the nomcom process as a new addition to the
IAB, I just wanted to add my two cents ....

In the past I've volunteered for the nomcom lottery but was never
selected, so I can't speak with authority about any previous nomcoms,
but regarding THIS nomcom just past, from everything visible to me,
the nomcom members took their responsibilities EXTREMELY seriously and
professionally, and at no point did I ever feel like I had to worry
about anything discussed between me and nomcom, either orally or in
writing, being improperly disclosed. This included not only
information provided by me about myself, but also comments I provided
to nomcom regarding other nominees for the IESG and the IAB. Likewise,
I remain completely ignorant of what other people may have said about
me, and I prefer it that way. :-)

Going forward, several people have proposed that the next nomcom and
the confirming bodies agree at the beginning of the process as to what
information will be needed for confirmation, and it should then be
made explicitly clear to nominees as to what information will be used
by which bodies. I highly support this proposal.

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