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Re: Nomcom process realities of "confidentiality"

2008-03-21 10:19:50
Nomcom is  a group  of people randomly  selected from  among a set   
of folks
whose only qualifications  are that they want to be on  nomcom and  
they like
traveling to meetings.

well, in the planning meeting, i think i suggested that only people  
who didn't want to be on the nomcom should be eligible, but folks  
seemed to think this would constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

the sad fact is that in the absence of rigorous membership  
qualifications, identifying folks who have been able to attend recent  
meetings is the only objective criteria we could find.

if we could have switched from meeting attendance to rfc authorship,  
but then the environmentalists would be upset because there would be  
50 or so "authors" on each rfc, thereby resulting in a larger carbon  
footprint for ietf activities (printing, bandwidth usage, etc.)


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