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Re: Nomcom process realities of "confidentiality"

2008-03-20 08:17:40

The random selection process coupled with the relatively small number 
of volunteers is an interesting factor in all of this

Nomcom is  a group  of people randomly  selected from  among a set  of folks
whose only qualifications  are that they want to be on  nomcom and they like
traveling to meetings.

I've never understood  the logic behind the theory that  this is supposed to
lead to a good slate of candidates.  

The Giant Reset of 2006

Oh I remember  that.  For fairness, we replaced  one randomly selected group
of  folks  with another  randomly  selected group  of  folks  from the  same
volunteer pool.  We wouldn't want to end up with the wrong randomly selected
group, would we?  That's another bit of logic I never understood.

Given  that the  whole  process is  whacky,  fine tuning  of various  little
details probably won't make much of a difference.

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