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Re: IETF Last Call for two IPR WG Dcouments

2008-03-26 21:10:02
"Brian" == Brian E Carpenter 
<brian(_dot_)e(_dot_)carpenter(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> writes:

    Brian> Also note that appeal and recall procedures for the IAOC
    Brian> are defined in RFC 4071, and that clearly includes Trust
    Brian> actions, since the Trustees are by definition the IAOC
    Brian> members. So if the IETF doesn't like the final result,
    Brian> there is recourse.

However much less recourse than normal.  The appeal of the IAOC
decisions is intentionally fairly limited.  Honestly, I think our real
recourse if the IETF didn't agree with the trust's general policy is
to hit them over the head with a BCP.

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