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Re: IETF Last Call for two IPR WG Dcouments

2008-03-30 23:12:38
Olaf Kolkman skrev:

While reviewing the documents I tried to determine how the 4 streams 
currently defined in RFC4844 fit into the framework.

Although the stream is not specifically mentioned it is clear that the 
incoming rights document applies to the IETF Stream.
That was my interpretation too. I (wearing my WG chair hat) take under 
advisement that this needs to be made clear, possibly with a 4844 reference.

In the terms of pre-4844 terminology, I (wearing my contributor hat) 
always thought of IRTF and IAB streams as subsets of the "non-IETF" stream.

To me it is clear that a contribution to the IAB is explicitly bound 
by the rules (including the No Duty to Publish rule, that allows for 
confidential information to be supplied to the IAB), so are 
contributions from the IAB, i.e. IAB stream document. I conclude this 
from the fact that "IAB" is part of the IETF under the definition in 
1.e. However, I may be over-interpreting, and the status of the 
incoming rights for the IAB stream is also not captured.
I think the IAB will have to make the rules for the IAB stream; a rule 
that says "-incoming and -outgoing applies as appropriate" would be nice 
and short - but it's not within the scope of an IETF WG to make that 


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