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Re: Update on feedback on US-based meetings, and IETF 102

2017-04-13 01:09:39
Something else to add, Cairo and Giza are so big governorates, and near each 
others, containing dozens of cities, I remember I attended an event made by 
Afrinic and really they made a good choice in selecting the hotel and city, 
quite area and not far from other historical or modern cities, it was 20 
minutes to go to the pyramids for example (and of course with ignoring traffic 
because it depends on when and where to go).

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Subject: Re: Update on feedback on US-based meetings, and IETF 102
From: Khaled Omar
To: Yoav Nir
CC: ietf

I recommend Egypt because it is at the center, will not be so long for anyone, 
also, weather is an important factor, and for those who would like to visit 
historical places should focus more about how to go and what to wear, there are 
modern cities and old cities, there is a big difference, many tourists here 
with all different styles, and of course no one will disrespect poeple here so 
he/she will get in trouble.

But regarding Canada, full respect to those people and they will be more than 
welcomed here.


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Subject: Re: Update on feedback on US-based meetings, and IETF 102
From: Yoav Nir
To: Stephen Farrell

On 13 Apr 2017, at 3:00, Stephen Farrell wrote:

I do not recall the opposite on the list, i.e. someone adamantly
arguing that we ought continue to meet in the US. There were some
mails that I'd say maybe weakly argued for continued US meetings
in the relevant timeframe. But nothing approaching adamant.

Well at this point arguing for more US meetings because I had no trouble 
obtaining a visa and entering the US is the equivalent of stating that I’m a 
white guy and I’m not feeling any racism or sexism.

More to the point, pretty much all US venues work out better than pretty much 
any European let alone Asian venues, weirdly shaped rooms notwithstanding. 
London and Paris come close. Berlin and Prague don’t. This is in terms of 
nearby availability of food (notice the lack of a “OMG where can I get a 
grab-and-go sandwich” thread in 98attendees) and in terms of the availability 
of nearby low-cost hotels. And yes, the fact that everybody speaks English also 
helps. And despite what people think about crime, no IETF-er ever got shot in 
the US during IETF week, but every time we meet in Europe some of us will get 
their pockets picked.

For me, US meetings (Canada’s OK too) are more convenient despite the long, 
tortuous flight. People have been grumbling about US entry procedure for years 
and with good reason. But overall US meetings are simply more convenient. YMMV


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