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Re: Revamp of the website

2017-07-17 16:09:15

Three observations.  

* Noting that assorted social media are, from time to time, more
or less effectively blocked in assorted countries, I think we
need to be sure that all IETF participants are able to get to
all IETF announcements and materials on an equal basis unless
the IETF itself is blocked.  If someone wants to reflect IETF
announcements into some social media or supplemental mailing
list, that is fine and has been going on for years, but
substantive announcements and discussions need to stay on IETF
mailing lists and be archived on IETF facilities or we end up
with big openness and transparency problems. 

* Precisely because the IETF has some very large vendors among
its supporters, our being able to continue to claim that we are
not biased toward those vendors and that our standards decisions
are not for sale, we need to be careful about not forcing people
to contribute to the bottom line of those companies in order to
participate.  We've been reasonably careful (much more careful
than some other SDOs) to not require someone to purchase some
particular work processing package or office suite to
participate.   I suggest that, if the IETF is going to get tied
up with Social Media, the system(s) used must be ones that do
not have business models involving  "user as product", targeted
advertising to users, permission to spam users, or requirements
that users give up significant privacy in order to join, get
feeds. or equ9ivalent.  Again, if someone wants to re-{post,
chirp, tweet, vomit, etc.} materials from an IETF mailing list,
I think we have always allowed thet.  However, IMO, the IETF
needs to be really careful about getting more directly involved.

* I share Martin's concern about page size, complexity, and load
times, especially if we are serious about trying to involve
people in developing countries and otherwise with with marginal


--On Monday, July 17, 2017 21:35 +0200 JORDI PALET MARTINEZ
<jordi(_dot_)palet(_at_)consulintel(_dot_)es> wrote:

I disagree on this.

Having our announcements for last calls, RFC, STDs, major
events, etc., in social media, helps to disseminate IETF
activities, and we like or not social networks (I'm
personally not a fan of them), is an obligation today. Many
folks will not use a mailing list to know about "new" IETF
work, but they will happily subscribe to a facebook or tweeter


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Asunto: Re: Revamp of the website

    > I think a missing aspect of the web site, which should
be prominent in     > both the home page and also the
?contact? page, is all the social media.     > 
    > I see there is a ?share this page? at the right of the
main picture,     > but in my opinion, is not clearly visible
and is not enough     > (the logos of the social networks
should be recognized without...     
    Cough, cough, WHAT???
    Please get rid of the "social media" crap entirely.  I
thought that     there was an IETF consensus that privcay is
sensible and useful, and     strong privacy protections should
be the default.     
    Facebook, Twitter and other "social media" crap is the far
opposite of     strongy privacy, so none of this should be
encouraged or promoted by     the IETF.
    Comparing the bandwidth necessary to load the entire
homepage,     I notice the following issues:
     Total 188176 bytes (mainly by
accident, it seems)                                The visible
page _contents_ are just fine,     
        but the page designer goofed the photo in the meeting
information,         because the picture is transferred at
size 640x427 taking up 150270 bytes,         although it is
actually being displayed at just 200x133, where a
pre-scaled image would need just 17 KBytes.
        Even on my 5" Smartphone, the
loads just fine,         I get the whole picture immediately,
and can zoon into my area of interest.     
      Total 1195800 bytes (ouch ouch
ouch ouch).     
        is a completely botched page design. it needs
multi-page scrolldown         even on a big desktop screen,
and finding stuff has become extremely         difficult.
        This page even manages to provide *ZERO* intelligible
information         when loaded on my SmartPhone
        only shows the Welcome / Revamp <Learn More>  + Social
Media Crap Buttons     
        and when scrolling down the multiple pages of crap on
my SmartPhone,         very close to zero of the links
_that_used_to_be_ on         pass by.
        Normally I close such bloated ad & nag screens
immediately, though         nowadays uBlock saves my health by
ensuring that most of such crap         does not even get
displayed on any of my screens (desktop & mobile)         in
the first place.
        The huge background picture
(IETF-Past-Meetings.max-4000x4000.jpg)         with 763216
Bytes is just crazy.  Is this about a party/festival?
A *HUGE* waste of network bandwidth and memory (RAM and
on-disk cache)         and writing text over photos also make
reading difficult (poor contrast).     
    All in all, my personal summary for
    disgusting and extremly bloated, usless and highly

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