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Re: Revamp of the website

2017-07-18 07:08:05
Hi Rich,
At 03:34 18-07-2017, Rich Kulawiec wrote:
professional use by technical personnel.  Economy and conciseness are
particularly important to those who don't have the privilege of cheap
high-speed connectivity and/or the wealth to pay the usurious rates
charged by some ISPs.  As the IETF seeks increased involvement and
diversity around the world (a goal I strongly support) I think it's
critical to ensure that the resources required for participation are
kept minimal.

I did a quick test[1]. The current web site loads in under 5 seconds while the posh version takes around 20 seconds. I would look at the revamp in terms of audience [2] and purpose. From a UX perspective, it would be good if a participant could in one click from the "front door" reach the datatracker.

In a non-IETF meeting which I attended recently, there were comments about a topic being too technical [3]. Does the posh web site makes IETF content less technical and more accessible?

The posh web pages include support for Twitter summary cards [4] and Facebook OpenGraph tags [5]. Is that necessary?

S. Moonesamy

1. Throttled to "slow ADSL".
2. That is covered in the SOW.
3. I would rate the level as well below the average level of an IETF technical discussion.