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Re: Revamp of the website

2017-07-19 09:04:01
On 7/18/17, 5:41 PM, "ietf on behalf of Eric C Rosen" 
<ietf-bounces(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org on behalf of erosen(_at_)juniper(_dot_)net> 

    On 7/15/2017 5:21 AM, Russ Housley wrote:
    > the general organization and the look-and-feel of the website has been 
implemented based on the initial research and input received to date.
    I've been waiting to hear somone say "I love the new web page.  It makes 
    it much easier to quickly find the information I need".
    I'm still waiting.
    What I'm actually hearing is "The new web page makes it more difficult 
    to find the information I need.  I can't tell where the information is 
    hidden, and I'm always scrolling through screens and screens of 
    content-free graphics to find it.  And then it takes longer to access it".

If datatracker is to be the new “real” page, then there needs to be a 
QUICK step to get to it from Right now, a link to it is found 
only under the Tools menu, but I had to search for it. And on my iPhone, I 
could NOT FIND the Tools menu, and subsequently couldn’t get to the datatracker 
from it.

I also did not spot a link to I figured that would be under the 
Tools menu as well.

The page would need some rework to be as useful as the 
current page. And perhaps a diet to eliminate some scrolling to 
find the info?

The IETF 99 Prague page linked to from SEEMS like it has all of 
the information currently found on for the current meeting. But I 
had to click on a gazillion down arrows to open up each to verify that 
statement. There doesn’t seem to be an easy to open up ALL of the submenus to 
get the equivalent “meeting at a glance” jump page that we currently have.

        Tony Hansen

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