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Re: Revamp of the website

2017-07-18 06:39:06

On 18 Jul 2017, at 11:23, Dearlove, Christopher (UK) 
<chris(_dot_)dearlove(_at_)baesystems(_dot_)com> wrote:

I've been to many meetings (my first was IETF 55), though not very recently. 
And you can get to meetings off the leftmost panel too in about the same time.

The new site is focused not on the existing people active in the IETF. It’s 
focused on the general public.

Let the general public have three quarters of the page. Let us have the other 

Or let the general public have a whole page for themselves and another for all 
our tools.

The place where work gets done these days is datatracker.

And that's one of the places one can easily get to. But there are others too. 
But sorry, this is not the sort of response that's useful - don't care about 
people doing the work  (I'm just trying to finish my fifteenth RFC as an 
author) and what works for them. And "you don't come to meetings" as a 
dismissive comment isn't helpful either.

It’s not dismissive. The current main page has all the important links for the 
*current* meeting: registration, agenda, wiki, remote participation, hackathon. 
That’s two layers deep going from the box on the left. If you’re not here, none 
but perhaps the agenda matter.  But since I am at the meeting, this works (to 
use a 90s term) as a portal.

In addition there's an inherent contradiction in your comments. If the page 
is intended for the general public, who really don't come to meetings, then 
the value you currently see in the right hand part of the page about meetings 
will also go. (And meetings are a place for work that isn't the datatracker.)

The current site ( <>) is meant for us. The new 
page (current <>) is IMO not. Most of the 
links on the left side of the current page are to pages under datatracker. This 
probably needs to be our new portal to the IETF.


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