[bug #20252] [ #336933] RFC2047 header encoding bug

2007-06-26 16:34:55

Follow-up Comment #6, bug #20252 (project mhonarc):

For me to do an accurate analysis, I first need access to
the original raw mail message.

Then, it will help to know what resource settings are
being used for the archive in question since some resources
affect how mhonarc process character sets.

A quick dirty test is to run mhonarc (with default settings)
on just the message in question to see what happens.  If
the HTML created looks proper, then the problem is due
to some resource setting.  An example may be if resource
settings assume a single charset for all messages.

If the HTML looks bad, then one possibility is how the
email message is encoded.  I.e.  If the message is not
conforming to email standards, things may not turn out

Since character set processing may leverage different
Perl modules depending on what the given perl installation
provides, it is possible some module may be introducing

Of course, there may be a bug in MHonArc, but I cannot
tell without testing.  Since Jeff states that the message
can be rendered properly, we at least know something
does work properly :)

Note, even though Jeff states that using TEXTENCODE to
UTF-8 everything can be done, and is generally a good idea,
it is dependent on the search engine that is being used
for the archives.  The archives use Namazu, so
UTF-8 encoding is not an option in this case.


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