Re: MHonArc core dump

1998-07-24 11:23:29
On July 24, 1998 at 10:19, John Beranek wrote:

  Hmm, I just answered my own problem....
  I removed the first message from the pending mailbox, and it worked

  I suspected the first message, because it was a mulit-part MIME message,
and one of the parts had mail headers in it.  Could that be the problem?

The digest you attached in your first message has problems.  There
is a multipart boundary terminator before all the parts are shown.
Also, ">From ..." is the first line in message/rfc822 parts, violating
RFC 822.

Note, I was able to run the attachment you sent and got no core dump.
Now, your attachment may not adequately reflect your true data
since it may have been mucked with when you attached it.  I used:

        MHonArc v2.2.0
        perl, version 5.004_04 built for sun4-solaris


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