Re: MHonArc core dump

1998-07-24 14:13:06
On July 24, 1998 at 16:56, John Beranek wrote:

But I still can't see how it can be related to these versions being old,
because, as my second mail showed, it was the mail message with a MIME
multipart part which was an inline rfc822 message which was making
mhonarc fail.

It was making *perl* fail.  Removing of the message just states that
the message exposes some problem.  Since I (and others) have been able
to handle included rfc822 messages in a message, it is more likely a
problem with perl (see the MHonArc home page for an example multipart
nested message that was processed by a version of MHonArc older than
the current release).

A more accurate assesment is as follows:

    The method mhonarc uses to parse multipart messages that include
    message/rfc822 parts, causes perl 5.001m crash.  Note, crashing may
    not be exclusive to having message/rfc822 parts (unverified). It is
    currently unknown if problem occurs on all ports of 5.001m running

Also note, that the "Bad free .." message come straight from perl.
Remember, in Perl, one does not have to manage memory deallocation,
that is a function of perl.  Hence, when you get the "bad free"
messages, something is not right with perl.  It can imply that perl may
misbehave in further execution.

I believe the Perl development team always treat core dumps as a
problem with perl.

Since Perl 5.001m is fairly old and has a bug that can affect your
usage, try to get it upgraded.  If such actions are handled by another
person, send them message that they should upgrade.  An incentive to
get the person to upgrade is to tell him that versions 5.003 and
earlier have security holes (only works if person is cares about
security).  You can check to get the change history of
perl to see all the fixes that have been made since 5.001m.


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