Re: MHonArc core dump

1998-07-24 11:52:20
On Fri 24 Jul, Earl Hood wrote:
On July 24, 1998 at 10:08, John Beranek wrote:

I've got a cron job that runs MHonArc at midnight, and I came in this
morning to see that MHonArc had done the following (and it's repeatable,
on 2 machines I tried).
starman: ~/ExternalWWW/kent-grads/archive : archive
Processing kent-grads archive
Bad free() ignored at /home/jberanek/mhonarc/lib/ line 470, 
2> line 141.
Bad free() ignored at /home/jberanek/mhonarc/lib/ line 470, 
2> line 141.
Bad free() ignored at /home/jberanek/mhonarc/lib/ line 941, 
line 141.
Bus Error - core dumped
starman: ~/ExternalWWW/kent-grads/archive : 

Core dumps are normally a sign that something is wrong with perl.
Since you did not mention what version of perl you are using, I would
guess it is an older version of perl 5.  What version are you using?
If it is older that then the current release, I recommend upgrading.

Both machines I tried it on had Perl 5.001 patchlevel 1m

BTW, you did not state what version of MHonArc you are using?

And MHonArc was 2.1

But I still can't see how it can be related to these versions being old,
because, as my second mail showed, it was the mail message with a MIME
multipart part which was an inline rfc822 message which was making
mhonarc fail.



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