Re: Converting entire directories on Windows NT

2000-06-29 15:43:40
Yes, it work under Cygwin but how can I put it under scheduler... I need to run MHonArc daily without attention.


At 01:04 PM 6/29/00 -0700, Earl Hood wrote:
On June 29, 2000 at 13:49, Bosco Tsang wrote:

> I have just migrated my archive operating from Unix to NT, and encountered

Poor soul.

> the same problem as you guys described. When I typed the perl -e command,
> it returns *.msg.  My perl-win32 is v5.6.0 built 613 from ActiveState.
> According to their web site, it's the latest. But the problem still not
> solved. Searching their site, and their FAQ etc, seems have no mension
> about this at all? Is there any patch, solution (either in perl, or in
> mhonarc) etc so that it can fix this problem.

Wildcard expansion (globbing) is a function of the shell.  I remember
debates about this on the Perl newsgroups (when I used to follow them).

A solution is to get a real command-line shell.  I use Cygwin under
Win32 systems.  It provides a bash shell along with many of the GNU


Bosco Tsang (´¿¼w¦¨)