Re: Converting entire directories on Windows NT

2000-06-29 19:17:22
On June 29, 2000 at 14:10, ERIC PRETORIOUS wrote:

I got around this by writing a front end that first took the output from
NTmail and sent it to a raw text file (I made this command an executable
recipient and added them to my mail list).  At the end of this execution
(this could also be scheduled daily or on any schedule you like), Mhonarc
was fired off to build the web page.

Is this a common means of adding messages to archives?

It appears you are using a Unix-based (Solaris?) system.  The discussion
is related to WinNT, so sendmail semantics do not normally apply.

BTW: I'm kind of puzzled by the -revsort option. Is this a typo?

-revsort was valid in old versions of MHonArc.  No longer valid
in newer releases.