RE: Converting entire directories on Windows NT

2000-06-29 15:45:28
I got around this by writing a front end that first took the output from
NTmail and sent it to a raw text file (I made this command an executable
recipient and added them to my mail list).  At the end of this execution
(this could also be scheduled daily or on any schedule you like), Mhonarc
was fired off to build the web page.

It's currently broken on my site due to some wierd runtime library error
that only exemplifies itself in Mhonarc.

I'm sure that a similar procedure could be used to parse your log file,
pulling out each message individually, then passing the result to Mhonarc to
add just one message at a time.

Just my 2",
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I have just migrated my archive operating from Unix to NT,
and encountered
the same problem as you guys described. When I typed the perl
-e command,
it returns *.msg.  My perl-win32 is v5.6.0 built 613 from
According to their web site, it's the latest. But the problem
still not
solved. Searching their site, and their FAQ etc, seems have
no mension
about this at all? Is there any patch, solution (either in
perl, or in
mhonarc) etc so that it can fix this problem.