Re: Converting entire directories on Windows NT

2000-06-29 16:26:51
Aaron Sakovich wrote:
I got around this by writing a front end that first took the output from
NTmail and sent it to a raw text file (I made this command an executable
recipient and added them to my mail list).  At the end of this execution
(this could also be scheduled daily or on any schedule you like), Mhonarc
was fired off to build the web page.

Is this a common means of adding messages to archives?

I've inherited a MHonArc installation that uses the /etc/mail/aliases
file to pass incoming messages to a wrapper script that calls MHonArc
and adds the command-line options. e.g.,

The /etc/mail/aliases file contains this entry:
eric: "| /Apps/MHonArc2.0.1/webnewmail-eric"

The /Apps/MHonArc2.0.1/webnewmail-eric wrapper-script adds the options
and calls MHonArc:
#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
# webnewmail-eric

##      Specify a package to protect names from MHonArc.
##      MHonArc uses package main for most stuff; a minor
##      inconvenience.

package webnewmail;

##      Edit to point to installed mhonarc.

$MHonArc_base = "/Apps/MHonArc2.0.1";
push(@INC, "$MHonArc_base/lib");
$MHonArc = "$MHonArc_base/mhonarc";

##      Define ARGV (ARGV is same across all packages).
##      Edit options as required/desired.

@ARGV = ("-add",
         "-rcfile", "/Apps/MHonArc2.0.1/rcfile-eric",
         "-outdir", "/docs/Archives/Eric");

##      Just require mhonarc, this prevents the overhead of a
##      fork/exec.  We reset the namespace to main just in-case.

package main;
require $webnewmail'MHonArc;
        # Or, $webnewmail::MHonArc (Perl 5 style)

BTW: I'm kind of puzzled by the -revsort option. Is this a typo?

Eric P.
SunPS Web Infrastructure Team