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Re: [Nmh-workers] RC4 testing

2005-10-07 03:41:18
Jon Steinhart wrote:
So, just out of curiosity, who out there is testing RC4?
Please speak up if you are, so that I know who to check
back with later.  If nobody is testing it other than me
I'm gonna just go ahead and release it!

I'm running the latest CVS code which includes Harald's patch. Haven't
found any new problems. I did test compilation of the release candidate
on a few different machines too, however. Would be nice to get a release

Looking at files in the release candidate, I noticed the following
issues that perhaps ought to be fixed before a release. I could produce
a patch if you don't have time yourself.

Various files reference the old mailing list address and the old web
site address. Do a grep for mhost.com. Question 3 of the FAQ is also

In the docs directory, the new COMPLETION-BASH, README-ATTACHMENTS,
README-HOOKS and README.SASL files are missing: docs/Makefile.in needs
updating. The "Working with your shell" part of the README might also
mention the bash completion file.

The DATE file presumably needs to be updated. Would probably make sense
to either remove it (and associated parts of configure.in) or generate
the file automatically from the nmhdist Makefile target.


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