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[Nmh-workers] MH FAQ (was: RC4 testing)

2005-10-08 15:53:14
Oliver Kiddle <okiddle(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk> writes:

Bill Wohler wrote:
Various files reference the old mailing list address and the old web
site address. Do a grep for mhost.com. Question 3 of the FAQ is also

Thanks, Oliver. I assume you're referring to:

I was actually referring to the docs/FAQ file within the nmh
distribution which is totally different from your MH FAQ. Sorry for not
being clearer.

Would perhaps be better if nmh included your vastly better FAQ.

I took a quick peek at docs/FAQ. Sure enough it contains stuff that is
already in the MH FAQ, a few things that aren't that we could probably
live without ;-), some things that should be added to the MH FAQ, and
some things (like #14 about MH-E) are no longer correct.

If it's cool with Jon and Ken and there aren't objections from the
others, I'll replace docs/FAQ with the MH FAQ and update my FAQ
processing script to update Savannah's repository when there are

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