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2005-10-10 18:31:18
I'd like to know the name and email address of the person or persons
who wrote the following questions in the FAQ. Thanks.

5) What is the copyright status of nmh?

   nmh is distributed under a variant of the classical BSD copyright.
   Check the COPYRIGHT file in the nmh distribution for the details.
   There are some specific files which were contributed to the original
   MH package that are copyrighted by their original author.  We have
   retained the copyright notices of these authors in these files.

   Essentially, you can do anything you want with the nmh package as long
   as you don't blame us if it trashes all your mail.

13) Why does `folder' and `flist' overlook some of my subfolders?

    There was a bug in these commands which caused them to quit
    searching a folder for subfolders too early, if the folder contained
    subfolders which were symbolic links.  This has been improved in
    nmh-0.25, but `folder' and `flist' will still not recurse into
    folders that contain only symbolic links.

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