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Re: [Nmh-workers] Changes to mhmail.man

2017-03-24 13:13:23
Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:
On Mar 24, 2017, at 3:28 AM, Larry Hynes <larry(_at_)larryhynes(_dot_)com> 

We - you, David and I - went through this on this list already. I,
ultimately, took David's advice, which backed up his many requests to
me to change the dates. If you and he want to slug it out and declare
consensus, I will be guided by that.

The purpose of the date footer is to indicate that either the
functionality of what's being documented has changed, or the
documentation itself has changed enough that people might want to change
how they're using the underlying object. I.e. it's a flag saying "pay
attention - you might want to re-read me in full if you last looked here
before the date."

I sent patches. David applied them, and changed the dates while
doing it. I sent some more patches, and David asked that I change
the dates. I said "but the README says not to change the dates".
David said change the dates. As David was committing my patches, I
changed the dates. Some dates were changed. We all survived.

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