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Re: Help with Gmail

2019-12-01 10:26:32
PS: I have read the man page for mhlogin.

norm@dad.org writes:,,.
My Internet provider of 20 years is firing me because I live too far south. So
I have to switch to Gmail and therefore have to fetch messages from Gmail to
nmh (that is, the maildrop) and send messages to Gmail from nmh. I have no
idea how to do either.

I searched the nmh archives for Gmail. I got dozens of hits. The few I looked
at were all about details, and assumed an understanding of the basic ideas,
which in my approaching senility (I am 87 years old), I can't glean from the

Is there somewhere that the basic ideas of using nmh with Gmail are discussed?
Thank you very much, as they say, in advance.

Norman Shapiro

    Norman Shapiro

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