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Re: Help with Gmail

2019-12-01 13:15:42
Is there somewhere that the basic ideas of using nmh with Gmail are discussed?
Thank you very much, as they say, in advance.

Ralph has given you some of the basics, but at least as far as you are
concerned, Gmail will behave like pretty much any other email provider
(there are some fancy authentication options, but they are not required).

The basics: You will retrieve messages from GMail via POP; you will send
messages to GMail via SMTP.  The specific connection settings are here:


You can either choose to have nmh directly retrieve the messages with
POP (using inc(1)) and send the messages via SMTP (using send/post)
directly to GMail, or have other tools do that for you.  If you want to
use nmh directly, this is the appropriate place to ask about that.

To translate the settings on that web page, look at the inc(1) and send(1)
man pages; you want the -host, -port, -user, -sasl options.  When it comes
to TLS, there's a bit of confusion here on the termology.  If you need
to negotiate TLS at the beginning of the connection, you want the
-initialtls option.  This is sometimes called "SSL", which is even more
confusing.  If you want to negotiate TLS after the connection has started,
you want the -tls option.  This is sometimes called "STARTTLS" or just
"TLS".  You also probably want to use the -snoop flag to help you debug
things.  You can use the better authentication options that require the
use of mhlogin, but I think maybe right now that might be a little too
much to deal with.

If you are using other tools to connect to GMail, well, I would just humbly
point out that those are not nmh tools and this MIGHT not be the right
mailing list to ask about them.


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