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Re: Help with Gmail

2019-12-04 12:46:21
Ken Hornstein <kenh@pobox.com> writes:
I now fetch my mail using fetchmail. But I have no particular brief for
fetchmail. I don't remember why I started using it more than 20 years ago.
Probably because I didn't know any better.

Forgive me if my first note was harsh; you're welcome to ask questions
about fetchmail here.  It's just that our focus is not really fetchmail.

And, well, there's an obvious reason why you probably started using
fetchmail; for a very long time we didn't have very good POP support
in inc.  But I've spent a lot of effort improving that over the years,
because for some strange reason I think a MUA should actually work with
modern email configurations :-)  I think a lot of people are in this
boat; they got something working 20 years ago and didn't see a reason
to change.

If you want to get things working with GMail and inc directly, I know
several people have it working here (I also did some testing with it).
Really, if you have your username & password for GMail, I hope my
previous note provided you enough information to get it going.  If it
isn't working, let us know (note: if it doesn't work, start with -snoop).

I wonder if somebody might be willing to tell me the exact arguments
to inc and to send for getting mail from and to Gmail, given that
my Gmail username is Normanzalmonshapiro@Gmail.com and password is
foobar. Also, what, if anything, do I need to do with mhlogin.

    Norman Shapiro

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