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Re: Help with Gmail

2019-12-05 10:22:04
Ralph Corderoy <ralph@inputplus.co.uk> writes:
Hi Bakul,

My present Internet provider will soon cut me off.

Why would they cut you off?

Norm lives out of their region.  See

And he gave me very little notice.

To gain sympathy let me say that I am a very old man (87 years old) and am
fighting senility. My hearing is getting progressively worse making telephony
very difficult. Hearing aids don't help much. I have no local friends so loss
of Email will cut me off from pretty much all external contact.

Once EMail is lost, I will be unable to contact this group for help in
restoring it.

For the record, I was not always as stupid as I am now. In years gone by, I
designed and wrote major applications in assembly language, FORTRAN, C, C++
and Java. I have written scripts for my own environment in perl, python, and

    Norman Shapiro

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