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Re: Help with Gmail

2019-12-05 14:58:53
On Thu, 05 Dec 2019 15:54:50 +0000, Ralph Corderoy said:
Hi Ken,

Norm, if you create a .netrc file I bet it will work.  If you've
forgotten the format of a .netrc file, you want the file to contain a
line that looks like this:

machine pop.gmail.com login Normanzalmonshapiro@Gmail.com password foobar

What I have in my .mh_profile:

send: -nomime -msgid -server smtp.gmail.com -port 587 -tls -sasl -user 

What I have in my .netrc:

machine smtp.gmail.com login valdis@vt.edu password my-passwd-here

And no need for a 'credentials:' line.

Note that's sufficient for 'send', and I use fetchmail/procmail rather than inc,
'man inc' says it supports '-user username', so a .mh_profile entry:

inc: -tls -sasl -user norm@gmail.com

and a .netrc entry:

machine pop.gmail.com login norm@gmail.com password norms-passwd-here

should work.

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