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Re: Help with Gmail

2019-12-05 10:52:47
Ken Hornstein <kenh@pobox.com> writes:
I wonder if somebody might be willing to tell me the exact arguments
to inc and to send for getting mail from and to Gmail, given that
my Gmail username is Normanzalmonshapiro@Gmail.com and password is
foobar. Also, what, if anything, do I need to do with mhlogin.

To start out some testing, for inc I'd do something like:

For send it is probably something like:

send -server smtp.gmail.com -port 587 -tls -sasl -user Normanzalmonshapiro=

Again, should ask you for a password if things go right.

If things go WRONG, then add "-snoop" to the above lines and post the output.

When I do that, with or without -snoop, post just hangs with no output and no
core dump.

I will wait doing anything about .netrc until the discussion between
you and Ralph Corderoy about is is finished. I don't have one now.
    Norman Shapiro

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