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Re: Fake From line detection

1997-10-22 14:47:15
Philip Guenther said:

Mike Spengler <mks(_at_)networkcs(_dot_)com> writes:
I am running procmail version 3.11pre7 and sendmail 8.8.7.  I'm using the
sendmail FEATURE(`local_procmail') to use procmail for my local delivery
agent.   At the moment, users haven't been notified (yet) of procmail 
availability, so that no-one has a ~/.procmailrc file.

The FEATURE macro generates the following mailer definition for procmail:

Mlocal,         P=/usr/local/bin/procmail, F=lsDFMAw5:/|@qSPfhn9, 
            S=10/30, R=20/40,
               A=procmail -Y -a $h -d $u

That all looks correct.

We are using sendmail masquerading here such that local mail from sendmail 
a From line with fully-qualified usernames (ie. From 
The problem I'm seeing is that procmail is adding a ">From username" header 
the mail thinking that the original From is a fake.  Is there some special
sendmail mailer incantation  for procmail that will allow procmail to realize
that username and username(_at_)networkcs(_dot_)com are really the same?

sendmail isn't adding the "From username(_at_)networkcs(_dot_)com".  Sendmail 
adds one if the mailer _doesn't_ have the 'n' flag, which the Mlocal
above does, so that's not it.  Does your set the
"SaveFromLine" option?  If so, torch it.

All of our email here goes through a central mail gateway, which fully 
qualifies/masquerades the envelope, and then is received at the final delivery
hub via an SMTP connection - thus the "From username(_at_)networkcs(_dot_)com". 
 The hub
recognizes itself (via the w class) as

If all else fails, you could try adding "-o" to the procmail command line,
so that A= directive in the local mailer definition would read:

      A=procmail -o -Y -a $h -d $u

but that's a kludge.

Yeah, plus I also get all these annoying syslog error-level messages:

        procmail[21505]: Attempt to fake stamp by "mks"

Philip Guenther

Mike Spengler                           Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc.
Email: mks(_at_)msc(_dot_)edu                   1200 Washington Ave. So.
Phone: +1 612 337 3557                  Minneapolis MN 55415
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