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Re: GNU sed version 2.05 is broken?

1997-10-22 16:24:21
On Sun, 19 Oct 1997 you (Lars Hecking) wrote:
a) GNU sed 2.05 does not come with a man page

There were several revisions of sed 2.05.  I have 2.05-6

b) GNU sed takes the options printed with 'sed -h', no more and no less.
There is no -g.

There is no -g, except in the man page.  Which is why I raised the point.

==============cut here=======================

sed(1)                                                     sed(1)

       sed - the stream editor

       sed [-n] [-g] [-e script ] [-f sfile ] [ file ] ...

       Sed copies the named files (standard input default) to the
       standard output, edited according to a script of commands.

[discussion of -e and -f options omitted]

       The -g option causes sed to act as though every substitute
       command in the script has a g suffix.

[body of the man page omitted]

       This  man  page   was   written   by   Eric   S.   Raymond
       <esr(_at_)snark(_dot_)thyrsus(_dot_)com>,  though  the sed package 
       here is from GNU.

                        November 19, 1995                       6

el bid

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