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Re: Emacs and Linting procmail code with tinypm.el v1.21

1997-10-23 10:18:36
| Thu 97-10-23 era eriksson <era(_at_)iki(_dot_)fi> list.procmail

[lonely f -- clear]

| I have a vague notion that anything with a pipe should basically have
| a w flag unless you specifically want to ignore 

Ok. It does this.

|  > o       If formail -D is used; should it always have W flag? 
| Probably a good suggestion. You might want to actually see the warning
| in the log, so perhaps this should be a configurable option to your
| lint.

More formally I meant: "If there is nor w neither W in formail -D line,
suggest W by default. If there is either w or W, do nothing".

|  > o       Can Lint suggest "i" flag for receipe? 
| That looks very much incorrect to me. I would probably want to know if
| mimencode failed for some obscure reason.

Sorry. See Philip's mail for more what I was after. The idea of "i"
flag is from your faq. (maliculous-pipe example)